4th Class had a great time studying Italy during May. They created fabulous group projects about different aspects of Roman History. In art we created some lovely Roman pots and Theo, Ronan and Eve took their clay modelling to another level by creating Julius Caesar, a Roman Pot and the Colosseum out of clay.
Attached some photos of our projects with a QR code beside it. We learned how to create a QR code and link it to a sound file. Use a smart phone to scan the QR code to listen to us speak about our projects.
Games and Pastimes 
Romulus & Remus
Roman Architecture
Roman Art
History & Timeline
People & Houses
When they had finished learning about Italy, 4th Class enjoyed sampling some Italian food. Some people were quite brave and tasted things they had never tasted before! The olives got a mixed reaction but the  lemon sorbet was definitely the favourite!
This month 4th Class learned about how our ears work. We did an experiment which showed sound waves in action and finished the unit by making banjos using boxes and rubber bands. A lot of thought went into choosing bands of suitable thickness and length. One group managed to play ‘Hot Cross Buns’ on their banjo!