Written by Lizzie 4th Class, September 2018.


On August the 27th 2018 3rd and 4th class got an invitation to go to Tree Day 2018 along with many other schools.


On September 12th 3rd and 4th got on the bus to go to Glendalough for Tree Day 2018. Firstly when we got there we had a long walk to get to the information office to meet a lady who would tell us what there was to do over the course of the day. When we got there we were all so hungry so we had some of our lunch then we set off to the day ahead of us.


The first activity we did was a treasure hunt we had to go around the whole of Glendalough looking for little posters that had the name of different trees in English and Irish. When we had finished the treasure hunt we did a spoon and cone race and I came fourth. Then we did a build a tree competition.


After all the mini games we had the rest of our lunch and started playing on a curved tree. Then we had to leave back on the bus.