In addition to the work teachers have sent home, children can keep learning by using these recommended educational resources.


Borrow Box

If you or your child/children or parent/s are a member of the local library, you can access an App or website called BorrowBox. It is free. There are audio books and also ebooks. There is a children’s section.

Suitability: All Classes


Vooks is committed to being a resource for families to keep kids reading at home.  Vooks can also be a welcome distraction for parents, allowing them to enjoy time with their kids, watching and discussing books together.

Suitability: All Classes
Note: Free for one month, sign up required


News Mag Media

In school we enjoy reading Primary Planet, which is full of fun facts, activities, articles and photos. You can click on the above link to access the online version!

Suitability: 10+

The same publishers have an on-line magazine called Newsflash suitable for readers 7+.


Teanga ó Bhéal: Scéal an Lae – TG4

Short stories as Gaeilge read aloud online.

Suitability: 1st – 6th Classes

Deich ag a Deich- RTÉ

Daily exercises as Gaeilge- Irish version of 10@10

Suitability: all classes

Maths Games

Top Marks – Hit the Button

Hit the Button is an interactive maths game with quick fire questions on number, bonds, times tables, doubling and halving, multiples, division facts and square numbers. Games are against the clock and develop number fact recall. Designed for 6-11 year olds. Has games using addition up to 10, right up to games practising all division and multiplication tables.

Suitability: 1st – 6th Classes

Top Marks – Daily 10

Daily 10 is a primary maths resource which covers addition, subtraction, ordering, partitioning, place value, rounding, multiplication, division, doubles, halves and fractions. The aim is to help teachers deliver 10 maths questions many which can be used for mental maths practise.

Sets of questions can be timed or untimed. There are graded levels of difficulty which means the resource is suitable for children from 5 to 11 years of age.

Suitability: all classes

Loads of games to practice Multiplication

Suitability: 3rd Class up


Art for Kids Hub

Coaches simple drawings.


Coaches simple cartoons.

Simple Drawing Ideas using your hand as a template

Suitability: all classes



GoNoodle is a free, really easy and good way to get kids moving. Popsico… Pop pop sico!

P.E. with Joe Wicks


Daily lessons being posted at the moment.

Suitability: all classes


Purpose Games

Senior classes might enjoy challenging themselves to learn counties, mountains, rivers of Ireland or countries of Europe.

Rivers of Ireland
Mountains of Ireland
Counties of Ireland

Edware – Geography Games

Edware also has some Geography games.

Suitability: Senior Classes


Scholastic Learn at home

Day to day projects (USA based) for children Infants to Sixth Class. (Free)

Amazing Triangle Activity

Curriculum Information

Curriculum Online