6th class have enjoyed a range of activities in May. In English they attempted to write limericks. Limericks are a particular type of poetry consisting of 5 lines. The first two lines and the last line must rhyme and have 8-9 syllables. The third and fourth lines must rhyme and have 5-6 syllables. Here’s a couple of our limericks for you to enjoy!

There was once an old granny’s cat,                                    There was once a tiny toothpick,

Who thought he was the granny’s hat,                                Who fell down and got very sick,

He climbed on her head,                                                         He could not do math,

The granny was dead,                                                             So he broke in half,

Oh he must have been very fat!                                             That was the end of the toothpick!

By Edie                                                                                        By Alexandra


We also looked at onomatopoeia and created ‘pop art’ with words in English that sound like what they describe. We had some lovely results.



Finally, in geography we were learning about the weather and weather forecasts. We made anemometers to measure wind speed. Now all we need is a windy day to test them out!