Written by Grúpa Darach (Keela, Harold, Danny, Ronan, Clodagh and Ruthie)



Maths week was great fun we played games in PE, looked at maths in the Book of Kells and my favourite maths games. I will now tell you about maths games with the rest of the topics we did. In maths games we did Farkle, Skunk and the Multiplication War!


Skunk was my favourite it involved sitting and standing and lots of guessing. I did not get a very good score but it was all about fun so it didn’t matter anyway it was all about chance but a lot of people got very good scores but as I said it doesn’t matter.


The second game we played was Farkle where you start on 1000 and you have to get down to 0. Maths week was great , I loved maths week I hope you did too!


For maths week we did maths games in PE. We were put into groups and we had to make up our own maths games, it was really fun.

Shape Poem

On Tuesday of maths week we started Shape Poems. They were really fun what we did was thought of three shapes for example square, cube and circle. And then I wrote the poem, here’s mine :

If I were a shape I’d be a cube,

I’d be a dice in a game,

If I were a shape I’d be a lego box

For a child to open,

If I were a cube

I’d be a box holding precious items

If I were a shape

I’d be a circle

I’d be a port hole on a ship

So the captain could see!


But that’s not all, there is supposed to be more but I don’t have enough lines to do the rest!



On the maths trail we measured the yard, the width and length. We looked at the number plates on the cars, my favourite one was the red one. Our team name was Sparkle Sweets.


In school and at home we did Mangahigh as it was Maths Week! Mangahigh was very fun but we still learnt from the maths inside. One of the assigned games was the probability of chance. This is a game where you had to guess the chance of it being certain, possible or impossible, it was one of my favourite games!


Maths week was so fun I can’t believe I actually said Maths was FUN! Well I’m not saying I don’t like maths but it is rare to hear that. Anyway on to maths week. I don’t actually have much time to tell you about it so I will just tell you about it so I will just tell you about the one I found the most interesting which is ……… The Book of Kells! I know, I know you’re probably thinking ‘What the Book of Kells?’! Well it is history but acutally has lots of maths things like how many calves were killed for their skin to write on. Well actually 150 calves or sheep were actually used. There was a whopping 2000 capitals, wow that’s a lot. It was created in the 8th or early 9th century, that was a long, long time ago. There were 680 pages or 340 leaves of skin (from calves don’t worry not human skin!) The Book of Kells was made in Iona an island off the coast of Scotland 3 and a half miles long and half a mile wide. That’s the end wow, you really do learn something new everyday …… bye….

We also did a survey of our favourite foods in Irish and a sheet all about our names.