During April and May we have been doing Literacy Lift Off. We do it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We do reading and writing. We enjoy it very much. Mrs. Gilmore and Una help us with our Rocket Stations.
Station 1 by Ava 
I love Literacy Lift Off because we get to do lots of things. In Ms. Fair’s group we do reading with a new book for 10 minutes. It is so cool reading with her. We have a special with all our things in each group and the organiser minds it.
Station 2 by Daniel
It is so much fun. We do creative writing so you get to do creative stuff. We write about different things each day. We have 5 stations.
Station 3 by Poppy 
I really like it so much because we spend time together with our friends. The class is divided into 5 groups. In Una’s group we do reading with books that we have already read. It is so much fun.
Station 4 by Layla 
Literacy Lift Off is great. I am writing about our phonics lift off. We have a book and Mrs. Gilmore does a mini lesson with us. I love it. The school bought us new books just for literacy lift off. We are so lucky!
Station 5 by Noah
I love it. There are 5 stations and in this one we do handwriting and then get to use small whiteboards too. This is our quiet station and the organiser gets our books ready.
Here is a photograph of us!