Here we are at the end of another academic year and what a year it’s been!!

Who would have thought that we wouldn’t be in school, that we wouldn’t have gone on our class trip, that we wouldn’t have held our Sports Day (again!), that we wouldn’t have enjoyed outdoor learning in our lovely school grounds in the summer sunshine!

But who would have thought how much we’d gain! We made it to June. We carried on. We showed resilience, strength and determination. We did the best we could!

I have loved getting to interact with you through distance learning. I have really enjoyed having a little window on your world and I feel like I will NEVER forget 1st Class 2019-2020.

We will go back to Delgany National School with a fresh pair of eyes and with a real appreciation of our school community. We can look forward to that!

In the meantime I really hope the sun continues to shine and the days are lazy and fun-filled!

In the words of Dr Suess…’Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened’.

Proudest teacher EVER!

Ms Quinn