Friendship Week took place from the 11th – 15th February. All the classes got involved. Ms Senior, who is currently on teaching practice in the school, put up a wonderful display in the hall. It focused on the book ‘How Full Is Your Bucket?’

This book explains the idea of being a bucket filler by being kind to others and filling their bucket. Ms Senior had a bucket for each class in the hall where the pupils could leave positive notes for their classmates. All classes read the story ‘How Full Is Your Bucket?’

Each class took part in bucket filling activities during the week. Some examples include:

  • In 6th class the pupils wrote compliments to each other so that everyone ended up with a sheet of compliments about them.
  • In 4th class the pupils played friendship bingo, wrote kind notes to each other,  thought of ways they could fill other people’s buckets and made origami hearts
  • 2nd class discussed friends and friendship and then made heart shaped word clouds with Ms Waugh
  • 1st class read ‘Giraffe’s Can’t Dance’ and discussed how everyone is different but everyone has their own talents, etc and how we should appreciate everyone just as they are. They created beautiful giraffe collages in art.
  • Senior Infants had to choose the name of a classmate from a bag and then make a Valentine’s Day card for that child to tie in with Valentine’s Day. They made a friendship flower with their 5th class buddies and made a display for their classroom about bucket filling.
  • Ms Senior also played cooperative games with 1st – 4th classes during the week.