In Delgany NS we are proud to be a Fair Trade school. All the tea and coffee in the staff room is certified fair trade and each year 1st class learn about Fair Trade as part of the SESE curriculum.

Each year we also highlight Fair Trade fortnight in March. This year our principal, Mrs. Conran, along with some of the 6th class pupils, told us all about Fair Trade in assembly. Mrs Conran brought along Fair Trade tea, coffee, sugar, chocolate and bananas. She showed us the Fair Trade mark on the products and she showed us a video about Fair Trade too.

The 6th class pupils helped Mrs Conran to tell the story of the banana – from growing on the plantation to arriving in our supermarkets for us to buy. We learned that farmers who grow bananas are not always treated well and do not always receive a fair wage. Mrs Conran and the 6th class pupils showed us how much money each worker gets in the process of getting the banana to our supermarkets. We were able to add up the amounts they showed us to make 15 cent. The banana farmers only received 0.5 cent for each banana they sell! This is very unfair.

However, farmers who work on plantations that are Fair Trade plantations receive better pay and work in better conditions. This means they can afford to feed their families and even send their children to school!

We learned how Fair Trade bananas are also organic and so do not get sprayed with nasty chemicals. This is better for the environment and for us!

Mrs Conran encouraged everyone to look out for the Fair Trade logo on products in the supermarkets and to buy Fair Trade when we can!