This year, Engineering Week coincided with our return to school after distance learning so what better way to celebrate than by completing a couple of fun challenges.  2nd Class were given two tasks to complete, both of which involved eggs.

Challenge 1:  The Marshmallow and Toothpick Challenge

Each pod was given a bag of marshmallows, a tub of toothpicks and a task card.  In their groups, the children had to plan, design and create structures (as per each instruction card), using marshmallows and toothpicks. They were encouraged to sketch and label their design prior to building their structure. Once the structures were built, it was time to test them out.  Each structure had to be able to balance an egg for a minimum of 30 seconds without the egg falling.  When each structure had been tested the children reflected on their learning and decided what (if anything) they would do differently next time.

Challenge 2: The Egg Drop Challenge
For this activity each pod was challenged to design and construct their own ‘armour’ to protect an egg when dropped
from a specified height. Each group had to choose materials, or combinations of materials, that would absorb the
force of the drop and help the egg to remain intact! As with the first task, the children were encouraged to draw and label their design before making it. The testing for this challenge was slightly messier than the first one, with only 2 pods having success!!!!

Happy Easter from 2nd Class.