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Hello 1st Class!
Just a quick message to everyone to say ‘Hi’ and ‘Happy Easter’!
I have really enjoyed getting your emails and hearing about all the interesting things you’ve been getting up to. Well done!
There’s plenty of baking and planting going on and I’m sure your rooms are ‘spick and span’ with all the tidying and de-cluttering I’ve been hearing about! I too have been busy sewing, painting, gardening and baking. I am looking forward to putting together our ‘1st Class Cook Book’ so we can try out each other’s ‘tried and tested’ recipes!
I hope you like my daughter’s kittens, Sally and Noggin. They were very small when we got them two days before Christmas. Someone found them on the Sallynoggin roundabout and couldn’t keep them so they were left in to the local vet. A notice was put up on Facebook looking for a home for them and the rest is history. They’ve been living happily in Greystones since!
I really hope you all get some chocolate treats at Easter time and I’m looking forward to talking to you again after the Easter break! Keep safe!
Ms Quinn.

Happy Easter to all my pals/pupils at DNS. Have a great time. From Mr. Howard and Tory.



Hi everyone in First class,

Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Easter from myself and my dog Munch!

Have a nice time and missing you all!