Dreamspace Visit
by Poppi Taylor
6th Class recently visited Microsoft Dreamspace. I thought that it was quite good and fun!
When we arrived, we got a quick tour of the Microsoft campus in Sandyford. The lady giving us the tour told us what it was like working for Microsoft. She told us that you can be very flexible with what time you come in at or leave at. There are five restaurants, a gym, a nail salon and more! Our guide also showed us “the harbour”, the “mountain” stairs and the “lake”. It was really cool and it looks like a fun place to work!
We then started our work at Dreamspace. We watched two short videos about technology and the future. We then talked a bit about what we saw and then went straight into our first activity which was coding. This activity was fun because we could programme our equipment to play music when you press one button and to light up in a particular sequence when you press another button. You can do all of these things and more.
This was fun but I preferred the second activity. This was all about creating your own mixed reality photo/video. Each group picked three topics out of a list of seventeen. They then had to take a picture that had something to do with the topic. After this, you could add different things into each picture using Paint 3D. When each group had their three pictures, they then had to create a short video by adding music, titles and animations. It was so funny!
After our work, we had a nice lunch of sandwiches, fruit, crisps and cookies. We left after this and went back to school. It was a great day and I would definitely recommend a visit to Microsoft Dreamspace to anyone!