Three words to describe December….busy, busy, busy!
First Class along with their buddies in Fourth Class have been working on the ‘Mile a Day’ challenge. It’s been beneficial and fun and even though some of the weather was challenging we still managed to find a ‘window’ in which we could run for ten minutes (most days!)

In keeping with the fitness theme we have engaged in ‘Active Advent’ in the classroom. We were required to be active practising a specific skill for one or two minutes daily. This coupled with our ‘Jump Jam’ sessions once a week with Jade in the GP Room ensured that First Class were being kept on their toes before the holidays.

We had a special visitor on the last day of school. The children were delighted to welcome Santa to their classroom. We sang a song ‘as Gaeilge’ to him (which he loved!) and afterwards although he was ‘out-the-door’ busy he took the time to pose for a photo with us!