Heritage Day

Delgany National School Heritage Day was held on June 10th to recognise and celebrate the cultural wealth in our school.  Each class undertook a variety of activities which included project work, P.E. and art activities. Some children dressed in national dress whilst others wore clothes depicting the colours of their county/country flag.  By honouring our cultural differences as well as our common interests, we all learned a great deal and had lots of fun along the way!

Fourth Class had lots of fun …

They each presented a project which was based on their own heritage. We learned lots of amazing facts that we did not know. We played some games from around the world and compared them to similar games we might have. We also did some Art around the Taj Mahal and explored different cultures. We followed a video to draw the Taj Mahal and then we used markers and tinfoil to get a tie dyed effect for the background.

Beautiful creations and fun as part of heritage day in 1st Class

2nd Class

To prepare for Heritage Day we researched our family trees to find out which countries/counties were in our heritage.  We then completed projects based on our findings and presented them to each other on Heritage Day.  We learned lots of interesting facts about Ireland and other countries around the world.  In P.E., we played Ultimate Semut, Orang, Gajah (Ant, Man, Elephant) which is a game from Sumatra similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors.  We learned about the Elephant Festival which takes place in Jaipur, India every year and in art we “painted” our own version of the colourful elephants.

5th Class

We had a super time in preparation for Heritage Day. We did mini projects on counties and countries. We also took part in a Heritage for Schools Workshop via zoom and learned all about Round Towers, we created our Round Towers also. We went on a 9.5 km hike to the Octagon in Bellevue forest and we learned all about the history of the La Touche family and the Bellevue Demesne ahead of that trip. We made flags in Gaeilge and had fun trying some active games from around the world. In the photos you will see us playing Gajah (Ant, Man, Elephant) which is a from Sumatra similar to Rock, paper, scissors!