Active School Week 2018

As part of the Active School flag, we have an Active Week every year. This year, our week began on the 21rd of May.  We all had a lot of fun.


On Monday, some classes got a chance to have an extra P.E. lesson for our Active School Week.  We spent some time practicing for our Sports Day as well. We also received our Active Homework for the week. Our task was to complete 30 minutes of activity every evening. It was a welcome change from our normal homework!


Tuesday was our school sports day. We all went down to the Shoreline athletic track in Charlesland. We had loads of races including relay races, running races, egg and spoon and obstacle races. We also had a parent and child race for the junior classes and a tug of war! The day started out cloudy and cool for the junior sports but the sun was shining by the time the senior sports got underway.  We really enjoyed our day. Thanks to Craig and Aaron as well as all parents for organising a great day!


On Wednesday and Thursday all the classes took a chance to do something active themselves. Some class had extra P.E., while others spent time on active activities in the classroom. Senior Infants enjoyed Active Maths outside. They had to find the correct number of cubes/correct 3-D shape, before they could return to their team. We also worked on our active homework.


On Friday school was closed due to the Referendum but hopefully everyone had the chance to do something active outdoors as they weather was wonderful!


On Sunday 13 of our golfers entered a fun golf competition in Glenmill Golf Club. It was a really fun afternoon with great golf and some lovely refreshments on the 19th!




We held our annual DORM (Delgany Obstacle Relay Marathon) on Monday 28th May. The weather was fantastic and everyone had a chance to complete the obstacle course. It was great fun!


We all had a great week.  Thanks to the Active Schools Committee and to everyone else who helped out to make the week fun and, most importantly, active!