Christchurch Delgany – Front

Delgany National School stands on a two-acre site in the heart of Delgany village just 100 metres from the Christ Church, Delgany. Previously, the ‘Old School House’ (now the parish hall) housed the young school-goers and as the numbers increased from 43 pupils to 115 in 1978 and then to 146 in 1989, the need for a large premises became obvious. This dream came to fruition in 1990 when the “new” school was completed on the present site and was later extended in 2001 to its present state. There are currently over 200 pupils in Delgany National School.

Christchurch Delgany – From graveyard

Delgany N.S. has always had and continues to have close links with Delgany parish and the community. Our links with the well known La Touche family began when they arrived in Ireland around 1700, having fled France during the reign of Louis XIV. They were among the many thousands of Protestants who chose to leave France rather than risk being killed when the Edict of Nantes was revoked by the intolerant Louis XIV and were forced into exile because they were Huguenots.

David La Touche

David La Touche set up a private banking business in Dublin which later developed into what is now the Bank of Ireland. His son, David II inherited this business and in time, brought his three sons into the banking business as partners. The business continued to prosper over the years and they bought land around the city. As David’s wealth increased he began to buy up land outside the capital in rural areas. His favourite country retreat was the house he had built in 1756 on his 300 acre estate of Ballydonagh at Delgany, Co. Wicklow. Backed by the Glen of the Downs and with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and the sea, the mansion was aptly named- “Bellevue”. His son, Peter inherited Bellevue in 1785.

Elizabeth La Touche

Peter and his wife Elizabeth became very involved in the local community. They were extremely generous with their resources. Peter La Touche built the existing church in Delgany in 1789. Mrs. La Touche opened an orphanage, with a school for girls in the grounds of Bellevue. David and his brothers were involved with most of the major charities in Dublin. The school at Bellevue dates back to 1793 and there are records of boys attending the school at a later date. The Parish School had been in existence since 1665 and the present “old” schoolhouse was built in 1839 on land ceded by Peter La Touche III. For more than 150 years the La Touche family had been Delgany’s generous benefactors. Their lives weave a path through the history of our church and school. Many members of the La Touche family are buried in the crypt under Christ Church, Delgany.