Children are encouraged and supported in doing their best work. The primary school curriculum includes the following subjects:

  • English
  • Gaeilge
  • Maths
  • History
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Music
  • S.P.H.E.
  • Visual Arts
  • P.E.
  • Drama
  • Religious Education

There are a number of extra activities which take place outside of school hours.

School Teams Award System

Each pupil in the school is assigned to one of four teams when they first enter Delgany N.S. and they remain on this team throughout their years in the school. The teams are named after four mountains in Co.Wicklow:- Djouce, Kippure, Lugnaquilla and Sugarloaf. Each team has its own colour: blue, red, green, and yellow respectively. Awards take the form of a point earned for positive behaviour; thus the pupils are encouraged both academically and in social development awareness.


Charity is an important part of a child’s education. The idea of looking beyond ourselves and caring for the needs of others is cultivated from the early years in Primary school. On the first Friday of every month we have a charity day and a certain charity is nominated each time.