We went on a ‘Bear Hunt’ and organised a ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’ while exploring the theme of ‘Teddy Bears’. We also assembled small cardboard teddies with moveable joints (with the help of our buddies!) We did some in-class relaxation with teddies on our tummies and learnt the teddy bear was named after a President!

Junior Infants hosted a ‘Whole School Assembly’ on ‘Sharing’. Ms Quinn reluctantly shared her banana with Sebastian, a group of children acted out ‘Rainbow Fish’ and others shared ‘Feeding of the Five Thousand’. We LOVE taking part in Assembly!

Junior Infants and Senior Infants played their part in the ‘Morning Mile’ challenge. This is a National/Whole School initiative to encourage fitness and well-being in our classrooms!


Emma Engineer (Bella’s Mum) helped us to understand coding by formulating instructions for ‘Ozobot’ robots. This formed part of our efforts to win our ‘Whole School Science Award’ and was really cool! Ms Quinn, Ms Prole and Mrs Conran were very impressed!