Trip Down Memory Lane

Words of Ballad of D.N.S.

The Ballad of D.N.S.

Mark Howard, who is a teaching in Delgany N.S. since 1989, taught the children of 5th Class all about the opening of the new school building in 1991 as well as history about Delgany. The children learned all about St. Mocheróg and the red soil of Delgany. They then studied rhyming couplets and each child composed a poem about the history of D.N.S. Mr Howard compiled the individual poems into one poem. Gloria Smyth, our secretary, composed music to accompany the lyrics and the Ballad of D.N.S. was born! Covid regulations meant that all practices and final recording were done outside. The final version of the ballad can be viewed here. It was played for all to enjoy during the church service on Friday 11th June. Thanks to Róisín Mulligan for creating the video.

Here are some photos and artefacts from the old schoolhouse. The children really enjoyed studying and learning about the artefacts during the celebration day at school. Thank you to Mark Howard for providing tours and explaining each artefact to the pupils.

This video was created by past pupils. They tell us about the history of Delgany National School, along with some of their memories. Thank you to Kieran O’Riordan, Ashton and Rian’s Dad and P.A. representative, for creating this video.

This video was created using old photographs from the opening of the new school on June 19th, 1991. The background music is a selection of songs from 1991. Thanks to Aimée Kerr for creating the video.